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Experience Brisbane’s Caring Family Dentistry

Does the sight of the dentist’s chair make you feel anxious? Maybe you, like many others are tolerating a toothache, because you don’t want to see the dentist. At Delight Dental we understand the anxiety that exists around the idea of dental procedures. We are also dedicated to making everyone feel at home in our clinic. We are a dentist with a difference, offering services for the whole family from young children to mums, dads and grandparents. Every patient enjoys personalised care from our primary practitioner, Lily, who provides a relaxed environment and gentle care.Our Philosophy - Flowers Background

A Personalised Dental Experience for You

Whether you’re considering braces for your children or just getting your regular cleaning done, our smaller service means greater time and understanding for you. We are a one-chair dentist and do more than just care for your teeth. We ensure that you understand any and all procedures you might need through one-on-one communication. There are no scary surprises at our clinic and we work to make you as comfortable as possible.

The four corner stones of our philosophy are:

  • To make dental visits a delightful experience for you

  • To provide dental care in a relaxing environment

  • To offer quality and affordable services

  • To assist you in maintaining optimal oral health

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