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Ready to start the most advanced orthodontic App?

Because we know you take your smile with you everywhere and your time is valuable, we are pleased to provide you with Dental Monitoring as part of your orthodontic treatment.

Dental Monitoring is the revolutionary app that allows your doctor to monitor your treatment between in-office appointments. You’re just one scan away from enjoying the rest of your day!

What can you expect from Dental Monitoring?

Fewer in-person appointments

calender schedule logo

But more check-points. Instead of going to the practice, your doctor is in touch with you virtually on a regular schedule. No more trouble rushing to the practice!

The best level of care, beyond the practice

Detal icon

Take your app and ScanBox with you wherever. Your treatment keeps progressing as your doctor monitors your smile without having to ask for more in-office appointments.

Visualize the evolution of your smile

Smile icon

No better way to be engaged and motivated than to see the potential of how much you’ve progressed.

A secure system

Secure file icon
Secure file

Your personal information is a priority for your doctor and Dental Monitoring so we use state-of-the-art technology that protects your data.

Take scans of your smile from anywhere!

A Girl holding smile scan dental device
dental device

Your personalized DM app is a new connection to your Doctor. Your ScanBox will help you take scans of your smile in two minutes. This will provide all your ongoing treatment to your doctor from anywhere. You’re next appointment could even be taken from the beach! Easy, isn’t it?

Your doctor receives scan feedback

Male dental doctor portrait
Male dental doctor

Your Doctor receives regular notifications on your treatment as a result of your scans.You will receive treatment updates and advice in the DM in-App
messaging system. Your doctor has the ability to connect to you whenever it is necessary, without having to ask you to book an appointment!

Check how your smile is changing!

Smile checking picture
Smile checking

The unique photo morphing technology is available on your app so you can watch how your teeth are moving. Your progress is updated every time you take new scans. How cool is that?

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