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Quality Dental Care – from Teeth Whitening to Mouth Guards in Brisbane

Everyone knows the traditional benefits of going to the dentist. A professional clean can make our teeth look and feel great while procedures like fillings and extractions are essential to preserve the structure and function of our mouth. At Delight Dental our philosophy focuses on enjoyable, gentle and effective oral care and that’s why we offer a range of other services too. With cosmetic, structural and protective benefits for your teeth, these services can help you to achieve and maintain the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted.

Teeth WhiteningTooth whitening before & after picture

Whether it’s ahead of a wedding, or just for a confident appearance, our expert cosmetic dentistry can help you. At Delight Dental we use the advanced whitening system from Pola White. We offer this leading solution for both in-chair appointments and as take home kits. Our friendly dentist will be happy to walk you through the whitening process and explain everything to you.

Different colored MouthguardProtect Your Teeth with Mouth Guards

Perfect for active adults and children alike, mouthguards can protect your perfect set of teeth when you’re playing sports. Unlike generic guards, our mouth guards are moulded from your teeth and provided to you in around a week. In no time you can have a custom-made mouth guard with great protective qualities.

Invisible RetainerNight Splints to Stop Teeth Grinding

Tooth grinding, or bruxism, is an involuntary clenching of the teeth, especially during sleep that can cause jaw pain, headaches and other symptoms. A night splint is a wearable mould that is made to fit your mouth and can be moulded in 1 week. Wearing a splint while you sleep will guide the teeth into a neutral position and help to relieve your symptoms.

To enquire about any of these products or services contact us today and talk to your caring dental professional or visit us in Brisbane.

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