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Case Study: How Delight Dental Used Invisalign to Give Joel a Straighter, Happier Smile

The Delight Dental Difference

At Delight Dental, we create beautiful happy smiles through advanced dental technology. Our vision is to make dental visits a delightful experience, for all our clients.

We are a Brisbane-based dental clinic who focuses on providing caring and compassionate professional dental treatment, in a calm and stress-free environment. This makes us a popular choice for patients who are anxious about visits to the dentist, or have a phobia of needles or dentistry equipment.

We are also a professional provider of Invisalign, the fast and effective way to straight teeth without anyone even knowing you’re wearing them! With many adults choosing to improve their smiles in later life, Invisalign or invisible braces are popular treatment options that effectively straighten teeth with very little impact on everyday life.

How Delight Dental Helped Joel Achieve His Perfect Smile

Joel, a self-employed Brisbane business owner, visited Delight Dental to discuss concerns about his teeth. Now in his mid-20s, he has become worried about crooked lower teeth from crowding, and felt it was having an impact on his self-image and confidence.

To understand his options, Joel researched orthodontic treatments on the internet and asked friends and family for advice based on their own experiences.

During his Delight Dental consultation, he expressed that he wanted to straighten his teeth without necessarily having to wear visible braces. Joel wanted a dental solution that was efficient, effective, and had little impact on his busy lifestyle and his self-confidence when doing business with people.

Invisalign – a Clear, Fast, Effective Solution for Straight Teeth

After his consultation with our head dentist Lily at Delight Dental, Joel began his treatment with Invisalign.

Invisalign works by using a series of clear, removable aligners that are similar to a mouthguard that slip over your teeth and move them into place. Throughout the treatment period, you’ll change aligners every 2 weeks, progressively moving your teeth into a straighter, more ‘perfect’ position.

The relative invisibility of Invisalign can be a particularly appealing option for adults deciding to straighten their teeth, as people will hardly be able to see you’re wearing them even when talking closely. You should also feel quite comfortable when wearing your aligners, and can remove them at any time to eat or brush your teeth.

When deciding to straighten his teeth,
Joel considered traditional braces
as a possible treatment option, before choosing
Invisalign as a clear, less visible alternative
to braces with very effective results.”
– Lily, Head Dentist at Delight Dental

A Successful Outcome for Joel and the Delight Dental Team

At Delight Dental, we provide personal and attentive care right from your first appointment right through to your last. Joel received regular review and maintenance of his teeth, Invisalign device, and overall oral health during his treatment. This strongly reduces the risk of any gingivitis or dental cavities occurring throughout the process.

Joel was initially apprehensive about the pain level during his Invisalign treatment, but found the aligners were only tight to wear in the first 2 days for each new aligner – a small price to pay for his brand new confident smile.

His problem of crowded teeth was soon resolved and he was particularly happy that he could take extra aligners away while travelling overseas, making his treatment both simple and flexible.

Take a look at Joel’s results for yourself – view his before and after treatment photos!

Joel Before Invisalign
Joel Before Invisalign
Joel After Invisalign
Joel Before Invisalign 

How Delight Dental Can Help Other Patients Improve their Smiles

If you’re considering teeth straightening options like Joel, visit the team at Delight Dental to discuss treatment options and whether Invisalign is right for you.

Delight Dental provide an affordable service, with both health fund cover available as well as potential payment plans to assist you with your Invisalign treatment.

You’ll receive friendly and supportive service from a caring and compassionate team of dental professionals who love their job. Your dentist Lily can even be personally contacted through emails at all times to respond to any concerns or questions from patients. The Invisalign laboratory is also very supportive, and dental teams can always direct questions to the laboratory for advice or solutions.

The Invisalign treatment was successfully
completed with little discomfort or issues
and the result was very satisfying”
– Lily, Head Dentist at Delight Dental

With Invisalign, you can feel confident that you’re receiving a safe, proven treatment that has transformed smiles all over the world. You can also feel secure in the hands of the Delight Dental team, with their focus on professional treatment and caring, friendly service.

Book in for a free consultation with Lily and the team, to discuss your dental concerns and treatment options.

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